This is a Baldi BB5 also known as a Baldi Frog.

It is constructed by Carrozziere G.A.M.C Baldi in San Remo Italy with the intention to produce a practical car with the smallest possible size, as a solution to urban traffic congestion.

Being only 215cm long (84.6 inches), it is 82 cm (32.3 inches) shorter than a Fiat 500 upon which it is based.

It shares a lot of its technology with the Fiat 500 and fiat 850.

The car was first introduced at the 1973 Paris salon and was built for only two years.

Only 300 were produced and only a hand full of these cute little Baldi Frogs withstood the test of time and are now a days a rarity and highly collectable.
A few found their home in museums like in the Lane Motor Museum

This Baldi BB5 Frog has first been put in circulation on 21-06-1974

It is powered by a 125 cc BCB Lambretta engine with a 4 speed gearbox that drives the rear wheels.

It has the VIN 100.001 and it is therefore believed to be the first ever produced.

Slight design changes seen on other BB5 frogs support that this is an early production or even a car that was used as a prototype.

It was sold new in France where it was distributed by Willam micro voitures, 

This cute little Frog was found being stowed away in dusty corner of a hangar in France where it has been for over 30 years, it did its last roadtrip in 1987 and has  driven only 4600 kilometers (2858 miles)

Although the car had not been driven for 31 years and was covered with a layer of dust and needed a bit of TLC (Tender Loving Care) but it was still in a good condition.

This car has been restored to its glory with the focus on the technical aspects, the engine has been serviced, brakes were renewed and various other aspects are checked and serviced.

This Baldi is now again fully functional, it runs and drives well, it is restored where necessary while preserving its patina.

  • 1st put in circulation on 21-06-1974
  • production number 001 out of 300 ever made
  • 2nd owner since 24-07-1986 (comes with the original French license papers “Carte grise").
  • 125 cc Lambretta engine, 4 speed gearbox
  • 4600 KM

This is a unique and rare collectable with Chassis number 001 (also on the licence papers) and has run only 4600 kilometers.

Price on request, please contact me for further details.

Dennis Moerenburg  at +31 (0)6 52 391 208  or

I speak Dutch, English, German and a bit of French.

The car is based in The Netherlands and still on original French registration, contact me for shipping possibilities.