Baldi BB5 Frog

This is a Baldi BB5 also known as a Baldi Frog.

It is constructed by Carrozziere G.A.M.C Baldi in San Remo Italy with the intention to produce a practical car with the smallest possible size, as a solution to urban traffic congestion.

Being only 215cm long (84.6 inches), it is 82 cm (32.3 inches) shorter than a Fiat 500.

It is based on a shortened fiat 500 chassis and has a polyester carrosserie.
It shares most of its technology and other parts with the Fiat 500 and fiat 850, for example the rear side windows are fiat 500 side windows but inverted and the rear lights come from a Fiat 850.

Three engines were offered, ranging from a 125cc BCB Lambretta engine to 595cc Fiat 500 engines.

The car was first introduced at the 1973 Paris salon and produced for two years.

The Frog went out of production after only 300 were produced.

In France this car was distributed by Willam microvoiture and known as a Willam Frog

Only a hand full of these cute little Baldi Frogs withstood the test of time and are now a days a rarity and highly collectable.